philo & dk website is finally here…

A quick little post to let you know that our new website is finally a go!

The new site is over at  Go there immediately & tell us what you think!

This is the last post from just a little bit louder now so hopefully you’ll be taken over as a subscriber to philo&dk, but if not, feel free to re-subscribe at the new site.

Thanks so much for following along x


morning chores…

My morning ‘to do‘ list is so long.  It looks something a little like this & I imagine yours may very well resemble it in some small way:

– get up
– get breakfast for the kids who have generally gotten up much earlier & are starved
– check emails, facebook, blog, instagram
– delete approximately 10 emails from group buying sites that bombard my inbox continually throughout the day & make a mental note to unsubscribe from them all, which I never do
– tidy up the kitchen after breakfast & try to remember to wipe up dropped weetbix off the floor & stools before it sets, which I never do
– pull a load of laundry off the line, put on a load of laundry, fold the laundry that just came off the line, put it away & hang out the laundry just washed
– check emails, facebook, blog
– think about what to blog about
– systematically make my way around the house making beds, flushing toilets, wiping toilet floors & toilet seats & more often than not the walls too
– get myself ready for the day & then get the kids ready for the day
– listen to the kids complain about getting ready for the day & bickering over which one goes first
– yell at the kids to stop bickering & again, get ready for the day
– make morning tea for the kids approximately 1 hour after they’ve eaten breakfast & clean up the kitchen again
– remember that I forgot to have breakfast
– make & pack snacks & drink bottles & possibly load scooters &/or bikes into the car because it’s school holidays & entertaining the kids all day is a mammoth task but all the same, be very grateful for the task
– check emails & then finally leave the house if in fact I’ve organised someplace to be leaving it for & if I haven’t, spend some time cursing my own lack of organisation in not being organised
– think about how good meditation is for you

On the odd morning, time permitting, I might also whip out the vacuum & give it a quick run around.   One such morning this week when I tried to get the vacuum under our bed I ran into a little obstacle.  Upon closer inspection it appeared a book was the problem, so out it came & then another book & another & another & it was soon rather apparent why the vacuum wasn’t able to get in under the bed…



Between all the books, a couple of a magazines, an old newspaper clipping & the dust jackets – the floor space under our bed was just plain booked out.  I guess it’s been a while since under the bed got a vacuum & after all the pulling out of books I put the vacuum away & didn’t bother.  It’s a chore for another morning!

time for a break…

We’re taking a little break, but don’t worry, we’ll be back…

beach 01

We won’t be going far…

beach 02

beach 03

beach 04

and will be back before you know it…

beach 06

beach 07

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas & a safe, healthy & happy 2013.

  I’m an Auntie again – to a beautiful healthy little bundle of boy – my sis & my new nephew are doing just fine.  Big loves.


show me social media…

Just a little bit of Housekeeping this morning.  First up, I’ve gone & got a Facebook page for the blog!  I know right – maybe some of you might be thinking – what for??  I thought that myself for a while, but then I also thought – why not?  Seems the thing to do & I figure it’s a great way to post little snippets of bits & pieces that don’t really deserve or need a full blog post… & to be honest, seeing as I was publishing my posts on my personal facebook page, I thought maybe friends & family were being inundated… so in a sense this could be viewed as a public service of sorts… I’m excited!  If you’re interested in having a look &  perhaps even ‘liking’ it – feel free!  You can find me at

Now here’s the thing – is anyone able to tell me how to get spiffy social media buttons for the blog & how to put them on the blog?  I have been googling, but with little success.  Do you have to pay for these things?  I know I could use the WordPress facebook widget but it’s not particularly stylish is it, though it may have to do.  So please geeky peoples, any clues??  I’m thinking, Facebook, RSS & Email, should be a cinch right!

Thank you!  Hope you’re having a great weekend…