pretty in pink…

I took some quick pics of my gorgeous, chatty, clever & hilarious niece a few weeks ago.  She’s a dote & she really is a crack up!  She donned the ladybug hat & I think, was rather impressed with the bee she gave me…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-03

A bookworm to rival all bookworms – it was a good way to have her sit still for a few minutes…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-09
Bell Kavanagh-130501-26

With a brand new baby brother in the other room, I think someone was well & truly enjoying all the attention…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-12
Bell Kavanagh-130501-21

Only for a brief minute did she take her eyes off that book to give me a curious look.  I might still have had the bee on my head…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-29
Bell Kavanagh-130501-16

The hall lights are actually red & the resulting pink glow it casts over these shots was so pretty…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-40
Bell Kavanagh-130501-37
Bell Kavanagh-130501-50
Bell Kavanagh-130501-85
Bell Kavanagh-130501-56
And just a little peak at baby brother…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-63

These snaps were mostly taken in low light, hand-held on a slow shutter speed & a high ISO.  Although the results are less than ‘technically’ correct – I love how the graininess creates a more intimate atmosphere for the viewer. I also love them because I love them & I should really go find these two for some big auntie cuddles x

Have a great weekend.


family of four…

With the warm morning sun lighting up the day, we headed to a nice quiet beach for a little spot
of family time…



These kids are the cutest with big tresses of curly hair…





Sometimes you just need a little motivation!  It’s not easy being a supermodel when you’re only 2…


 A little pep talk from mum…


Some moral support from dad…


 Then maybe a little advice from big sis aswell, even if he’s still a tad too young to really appreciate it yet…



Thanks to this gorgeous family for a fun morning!

a big family snapshot…

   Photographing children can pose certain challenges – it’s not easy to get them to sit still or listen or even pretend they’re remotely enjoying themselves (it’s a boy thing) & I find I really have to remind myself that these children are not my own & therefore I should probably refrain from barking artistic orders at them – in public – and in front of their parents!  So it’s ironic then that all the challenges of a shoot like this are what make it so rewarding & the sense of satisfaction when the job is done is immense.

This particular family shoot consisted of 9 little angels, all very gorgeous & so handsome. Then just to mix things up we added some very cute Grandparents & smokin’ hot mummas & let’s just see how things turned out shall we…








and just as the sun was setting…




Thanks a million to this beautiful family for giving me the opportunity.

All snaps taken on location at Cottesloe Civic Gardens

endless summer…

It was made official at some point last week, that Australia has indeed suffered through it’s hottest Summer on record.  A ‘summer on steriods’, so the little weather boffins have said. Those of us who live in Perth know all too well how darn hot it gets here in Summer, so this isn’t particularly news to us but all the talk about it only getting worse, could certainly dampen ones spirits.

Still, if it weren’t for all that sunshine, wouldn’t we just miss all the glorious light – which by all accounts is very good for us just so long as we’re not cooking ourselves in it & what’s more, days like the one below, are what make it well worth our wilting…



The long hot daze of Summer will slowly peter out, the waves of 35 degree plus temperatures will cease & we’ll be left with warmth still radiating off our shores for weeks to come.

As an aside – as I type this, you won’t believe it, but it’s raining!

Have a great weekend.