show me social media…

Just a little bit of Housekeeping this morning.  First up, I’ve gone & got a Facebook page for the blog!  I know right – maybe some of you might be thinking – what for??  I thought that myself for a while, but then I also thought – why not?  Seems the thing to do & I figure it’s a great way to post little snippets of bits & pieces that don’t really deserve or need a full blog post… & to be honest, seeing as I was publishing my posts on my personal facebook page, I thought maybe friends & family were being inundated… so in a sense this could be viewed as a public service of sorts… I’m excited!  If you’re interested in having a look &  perhaps even ‘liking’ it – feel free!  You can find me at

Now here’s the thing – is anyone able to tell me how to get spiffy social media buttons for the blog & how to put them on the blog?  I have been googling, but with little success.  Do you have to pay for these things?  I know I could use the WordPress facebook widget but it’s not particularly stylish is it, though it may have to do.  So please geeky peoples, any clues??  I’m thinking, Facebook, RSS & Email, should be a cinch right!

Thank you!  Hope you’re having a great weekend…






2 thoughts on “show me social media…

  1. C’mon Neesie … there has to be some advantage to having a geek as a bro-in-law. No idea how to do it, but sure I can find out!!

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