morning chores…

My morning ‘to do‘ list is so long.  It looks something a little like this & I imagine yours may very well resemble it in some small way:

– get up
– get breakfast for the kids who have generally gotten up much earlier & are starved
– check emails, facebook, blog, instagram
– delete approximately 10 emails from group buying sites that bombard my inbox continually throughout the day & make a mental note to unsubscribe from them all, which I never do
– tidy up the kitchen after breakfast & try to remember to wipe up dropped weetbix off the floor & stools before it sets, which I never do
– pull a load of laundry off the line, put on a load of laundry, fold the laundry that just came off the line, put it away & hang out the laundry just washed
– check emails, facebook, blog
– think about what to blog about
– systematically make my way around the house making beds, flushing toilets, wiping toilet floors & toilet seats & more often than not the walls too
– get myself ready for the day & then get the kids ready for the day
– listen to the kids complain about getting ready for the day & bickering over which one goes first
– yell at the kids to stop bickering & again, get ready for the day
– make morning tea for the kids approximately 1 hour after they’ve eaten breakfast & clean up the kitchen again
– remember that I forgot to have breakfast
– make & pack snacks & drink bottles & possibly load scooters &/or bikes into the car because it’s school holidays & entertaining the kids all day is a mammoth task but all the same, be very grateful for the task
– check emails & then finally leave the house if in fact I’ve organised someplace to be leaving it for & if I haven’t, spend some time cursing my own lack of organisation in not being organised
– think about how good meditation is for you

On the odd morning, time permitting, I might also whip out the vacuum & give it a quick run around.   One such morning this week when I tried to get the vacuum under our bed I ran into a little obstacle.  Upon closer inspection it appeared a book was the problem, so out it came & then another book & another & another & it was soon rather apparent why the vacuum wasn’t able to get in under the bed…



Between all the books, a couple of a magazines, an old newspaper clipping & the dust jackets – the floor space under our bed was just plain booked out.  I guess it’s been a while since under the bed got a vacuum & after all the pulling out of books I put the vacuum away & didn’t bother.  It’s a chore for another morning!


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