I have to say that my excitement must be palpable because in just 3 more sleeps, Hubby & I are off on the trip I first mentioned on this blog nearly 10 months ago.  It was really just an out-loud thought way back then & many times since I wondered if in fact it would ever really happen – but it is & I can’t wait!  Five nights, no kids, Bali.  I think I’ve just about exhausted the numerous check-lists I have on the go around the house & I’m feeling pretty confident that things will run smoothly for the kids (and hopefully us too) whilst we’re away.  I’m doing my best to avoid thinking too much about the actual leaving part because my anxiety over these things can get away with me – I’m sure you understand.  Still, I have every confidence that my amazing support network will have things back here running like clockwork – much more than I ever do!  A very massive ‘Thank You’ to those of you who know who you are.  I won’t be sorry to see the back of our very cold winter for a few days either!

 I’m thinking this might be good time to let you know that things as you know them are winding down here on just a little bit louder now.  There’s been a whole lot of work going into setting up a new blogging/photography venture with my ever beautiful & clever sister & we’re a tad excited. It’s not ready to reveal to the world just yet but hopefully when it is, as a subscriber to this blog – you should be taken seamlessly over to the new one – assuming we can work that geeky part out!

Thank you to all my readers for all your support & lovely comments on this tiny speck in cyberspace. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new blog even more so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend.

That’s all folks.


Alila Villas, sweet sweet music…

I’m hearing a lot of murmurs about this little gem of a resort in Bali & although Hubby & I are heading in that direction this July, we won’t quite be making it a stop on our itinerary, at least not this time – but of course there’s always next time!  Fancy a long weekend anyone?

It would appear Alila Villas, Uluwatu is rather the head turner & with images like these, it’s fairly plain to see why.  I might add that Conde Nast Traveller UK is in full agreement, so there you have it – pack your bags…






Uh huh…



Let’s just say you tire of these surrounds (possible) you could perhaps spilt your stay between Alila Uluwatu & Alila Soori, which just to be sure, looks a little like this…


That’s what I’m talking about! Who stays here? Of course during my research for this post I’ve also discovered Alila have a sister property in Ubud & I’m feeling like a little female mind change might be about to descend over my plans for our own pending Bali trip – I don’t know why I do it to myself!

All images courtesy of Alila Hotels

enter Bali, an update…

If you’ve been reading along with me for a while you might be aware that hubby & I are planning a little (long overdue by a lot) trip to Bali, Indonesia later in the year.  To say I’m excited about the prospect of being away, wrapped in a tropical paradise, just hubby & I on our own for a few nights, would be an understatement.  Passport is ready, as are conversational palm cards – it’s essential that these are packed because let’s be honest – what on earth are we going to talk about for all those hours, uninterrupted, just the two of us….hmmm?

Given the fact that we haven’t had a holiday together since forever, my expectations of this trip are heading into uncharted territory & being a person of high expectations at the best of times, I’m beginning to worry that matching them will prove difficult.  However, we can all rest assured that the countless hours spent trawling the internet searching for the ultimate infinity-edge pool have turned up trumps & if I had to pick a place to stay based purely on a pool setting (which I am), I think this would be it. Infinity edged in heaven.


This little beauty is in Ubud, Bali & has been sitting rather high on my short list & is yet to be knocked off.  Isn’t she lovely?

 Of course, if you so choose, just go ahead & book yourself into a one bedroom villa & jag yourself your very own infinity edge pool – all yours…


Dear God, when I get to heaven please make sure my towels are rolled just so, anything less would be unbearable.

Of course, this is not the only amazing pool setting in Ubud, so here’s a little trifecta tease…

Alila Ubud - images

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa


 Some pretty tough decisions to be made & I’m loving spending way too much time deliberating over each & every one.  When I do eventually make my mind up on where to stay I’ll be sure to let you know & I really hope you’re not going to be disappointed!

enter Bali…

We’re heading to Bali mid next year & I am very excited!  Hubby & I have not been away (sans kids) since the having of them – which by then will be 8 yrs ago.   As far as I’m concerned we never really had a ‘proper’ honeymoon, & certainly no babymoons – so I figure we owe ourselves a little trip.  It’s only proper wouldn’t you say?

There’s a problem.  I have been all over the internet looking up accommodation & I am completely overwhelmed by the sheer choice!  Villa?  Boutique Hotel? Swanky resort? Beach? Laneway? Poolbar – these are still popular surely?  I have been asking everyone what they think & thus far it’s been absolutely no help & I am more confused than ever!  I’m pinning some hope on  Little Miss Bali who run a great facebook page chock full of all things Bali – what a great idea!

There’s another problem.  Being born under the Taurus star sign, I tend to lean very heavily towards the absolutely sublime gorgeous-ness of all things very fancy & completely outrageously expensive… it’s a curse!  The reality of my situation is certainly a fair few rungs below what that Taurean heart of mine might desire & that’s just fine really, if I could just stop clicking on places like this one:

Should I continue? It’s just a tad too fancy isn’t it, but look at all that wood…

Well probably that’s just about enough of that!  You understand my problem (albeit minor) right?  Once upon a time I travelled to Bali when I was a Travel Consultant & well I think it would be fair to say that Bali has gone & changed a whole lot since I was there back in – oh let’s see – hummm – ’95.

I don’t need to make a decision on this until next year, but with so much choice, I’m really glad I’ve started looking a whole year in advance!  If you’ve been to Bali (Seminyak to be precise) & have any great tips on where to stay, I’d love to hear it – it might even make it onto my short list!  I’ll keep you posted.

October 12th 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the Bali terrorist attacks that killed 88 Australians & a further 114 people from across the world & left countless others with life long injuries & scars to remember that day by.  Today we remember all of those people.