Fuku (foo-koo) is an Omakase & Teppanyaki restaurant found on Gylde Street, Mossie Park.  It’s intimate (with just 16 seats bar style), cosy & bathed in a golden glow matched only by licks of flambé searing chefs in full flight.  Opened in late 2012, this little gem has one of the most gorgeous fit-outs I’ve seen to date & it all starts at the front door…

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Teppanyaki for those who may not know, is a style of Japanese cooking employing the use of an iron plate & Omakase is the chef’s selection – so at Fuku the cuisine is cooked Teppanyaki style & the menu is chosen by the chef, which leaves you with nothing at all to do but sit back & select your Saki.

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Fuku offers diners a choice of 3 menu’s – good ($100), better ($135) & best ($220) & a walk-in menu ($75) if seats are available on any given night.  Your drinks selection is in addition to this…

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I think that the novelty factor for us westerners none too accustomed to this style of dining is a huge draw card.  To be able to sit within arms reach of your chef as they prep, dice, slice, sear, chop, chuck, fry, plate up & fold napkins even, is what makes Teppanyaki such a treat…

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The wall lined with glowing Saki bottles is a particular favourite…

rix -130611-31

Calamari with Herring Roe & Antarctic Ice Crab…

rix -130611-59
I, because I’m a total party pooper & don’t eat raw seafood, was instead served up the most amazing Wagyu.  To my foodie shame I’ll have to admit that I never really understood the whole fuss about Waygu but now consider myself enlightened.  That small portion of Wagyu you can see to the left on this plate, melted in my mouth & was for me, the highlight of many that night…

rix -130611-64

rix -130611-87

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Fish of the Day…

rix -130611-128

Wagyu (full blood) sirloin steak Mayura Station grade 9+ (uh huh)…

rix -130611-70

Unfortunately we missed dessert which was entirely devastating but sometimes one does need to get home!  Next time.

Where: Fuku 20 Glyde Street, Mosman Park

Things to note:  Fuku only takes reservations through their online booking system.  Fuku can be booked for private functions which I think would be awesome for a group of friends (ask to bring your own playlist) & because I was a guest at Fuku on this particular occasion, you can be thankful I have resisted an immense urge to make wise cracks about the pronunciation of the word Fuku!

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Have a great week.


the aviary…

I was a little excited recently when I received an invite to attend a local foodie ‘media only’ event, Western Plains Food Safari – uh huh – a bit of a mouthful there but you did catch the important part right? – ‘media only’.  It was the first time that I had been invited to anything related to blogging or media or even a safari & I panicked of course because I had nothing to wear & although for a moment I entertained the idea of dusting off the old safari suit, in the end I opted for new boots (as you do), which left me without feeling in my toes & shin splints by day’s end – should have gone with the suit.  So anyhow, I was chuffed that the lovely Melissa from Cork & Cheese knew enough to know that if she invited me, I’d probably come!

I have to say, that for a first, this was a very impressive event & if there are ever any to follow it’s going to be pretty hard to top, but start with French bubbles & I’ll take it from there.

The Publican Group own & manage several venues in our CBD & on this particular day our host, executive chef Telina Menzies took us for  lunch at The Aviary, an establishment which houses The Bird Cage Restaurant & roof top bar The Nest.  Needless to say, I had never been.  If you work in the city you probably have.  I can imagine the rooftop bar is a pretty hip place to take in a Veuve & a view on a hot Summer’s eve.

Here’s a little look at The Bird Cage…

The Lounge Bar which adjoins the restaurant offers it’s patrons more casual & elegant surrounds in which to enjoy the views & the company…



Head Chef, Luke Firth serves up some amazing flavours in his Asian fusion inspired offerings.  A group can dine on shared dishes, encouraged to try a little bit of everything & eliminating the dreaded ‘menu envy’ of many dining experiences & many of mine.

The sounds of Wild mushroom wantons, Pork & crab steamed dumplings, Poached coconut & lemongrass chicken, Green tea & smoked candied beetroot & Red roasted duck should be enough to entice but if you need a visual…





Executive Chef Telina Menzies – pardon the bins! We have the same shoes, which I probably should have worn…


It was a bit indulgent for this blogger & beyond what I was expecting, but not being one to complain I decided to just relax & take one for the team – you can thank me later.

Where: The Aviary Perth – Rooftop Bar & Restaurant  1/140 William Street

Have a great week!

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the stables bar…

 It’s the same old city, but yet it’s not.  Perth has never been a place to flock to, never caused a ripple or a stir in the melting pot of ‘must see’ cities of the world & for a long time, I’m sorry to say – there weren’t too many great words used to describe it either.  Perth – it is the same old word but it’s not the same old place.  It’s changed, it’s busy & bustling & growing finally into the big brother of its former self.  True, it might not yet be a city worth flocking to, but if you’re already a part of the herd – you can be pretty happy that after a long dry summer, the grass is finally growing.

This is The Stables Bar, a new venue in our city CBD…


It’s a long laneway that blazes a trail to The Stables Bar & courtyard.  Turning in from the hectic lunch time stampede of Hay Street, you’ll be greeted with a calm landscaped oasis & surprisingly, for a city – space…



The downstairs bar is spacious, dark, stylish & rustic…


The serious business of lunch was taking place in the upstairs dining room, with which I am in love.  In fact, I’m in love with the complete fit-out of this venue.  Where the downstairs bar is dark & edgy, upstairs is bright, airy & classic, with views of the city from the outdoor garden terrace.  The references to the venues history as one of Perth’s original horse stables & residences fuels the imagination.  The old black & white canvas photographs lining the wall & the dark green studded bench seats complimented by lush green velvet chairs are all well thought out inclusions to this interior…


and then of course there’s my love of lights…



Of course you’ll want to know something of the food.  We shared a few items from their all day grazing menu – freshly shucked oysters, eggplant chips & zucchini, pea, mint croquettes with cardamon yoghurt.  For mains we tried chicken schnitzel, pan-fried ricotta gnocchi & a warm salad of beetroot, farro, goats curd & candied walnuts.  All thoroughly enjoyed.


Where:  The Stables Bar – 888 Hay Street – Perth

Any dirt to dish?  The lunch portion sizes if you’re a big burly male might not fill you up – so graze a little longer if you feel the need.

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cool calm collected…

If you take a stroll into Angove Street, North Perth you’ll be taken no doubt by this very quaint & decadent little store called Cool Calm  Collected.  It’s a small space filled to over flowing with gorgeous original pieces of pre-loved furniture finds, antiques, bric-a-brac, lighting, accessories & objects de art.  It’s interior styling with quirk, giving great credence to the mix of old, new, vintage & icons of a by-gone era of furniture design.  In short, it’s pretty cool & does owner Alex proud.


If there was ever a door handle worth pinching – this would be it…


Cool Calm Collected – 34 Angove Street – North Perth

Have a great weekend.