I have to say that my excitement must be palpable because in just 3 more sleeps, Hubby & I are off on the trip I first mentioned on this blog nearly 10 months ago.  It was really just an out-loud thought way back then & many times since I wondered if in fact it would ever really happen – but it is & I can’t wait!  Five nights, no kids, Bali.  I think I’ve just about exhausted the numerous check-lists I have on the go around the house & I’m feeling pretty confident that things will run smoothly for the kids (and hopefully us too) whilst we’re away.  I’m doing my best to avoid thinking too much about the actual leaving part because my anxiety over these things can get away with me – I’m sure you understand.  Still, I have every confidence that my amazing support network will have things back here running like clockwork – much more than I ever do!  A very massive ‘Thank You’ to those of you who know who you are.  I won’t be sorry to see the back of our very cold winter for a few days either!

 I’m thinking this might be good time to let you know that things as you know them are winding down here on just a little bit louder now.  There’s been a whole lot of work going into setting up a new blogging/photography venture with my ever beautiful & clever sister & we’re a tad excited. It’s not ready to reveal to the world just yet but hopefully when it is, as a subscriber to this blog – you should be taken seamlessly over to the new one – assuming we can work that geeky part out!

Thank you to all my readers for all your support & lovely comments on this tiny speck in cyberspace. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new blog even more so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend.

That’s all folks.


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