pretty in pink…

I took some quick pics of my gorgeous, chatty, clever & hilarious niece a few weeks ago.  She’s a dote & she really is a crack up!  She donned the ladybug hat & I think, was rather impressed with the bee she gave me…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-03

A bookworm to rival all bookworms – it was a good way to have her sit still for a few minutes…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-09
Bell Kavanagh-130501-26

With a brand new baby brother in the other room, I think someone was well & truly enjoying all the attention…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-12
Bell Kavanagh-130501-21

Only for a brief minute did she take her eyes off that book to give me a curious look.  I might still have had the bee on my head…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-29
Bell Kavanagh-130501-16

The hall lights are actually red & the resulting pink glow it casts over these shots was so pretty…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-40
Bell Kavanagh-130501-37
Bell Kavanagh-130501-50
Bell Kavanagh-130501-85
Bell Kavanagh-130501-56
And just a little peak at baby brother…

Bell Kavanagh-130501-63

These snaps were mostly taken in low light, hand-held on a slow shutter speed & a high ISO.  Although the results are less than ‘technically’ correct – I love how the graininess creates a more intimate atmosphere for the viewer. I also love them because I love them & I should really go find these two for some big auntie cuddles x

Have a great weekend.


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