the aviary…

I was a little excited recently when I received an invite to attend a local foodie ‘media only’ event, Western Plains Food Safari – uh huh – a bit of a mouthful there but you did catch the important part right? – ‘media only’.  It was the first time that I had been invited to anything related to blogging or media or even a safari & I panicked of course because I had nothing to wear & although for a moment I entertained the idea of dusting off the old safari suit, in the end I opted for new boots (as you do), which left me without feeling in my toes & shin splints by day’s end – should have gone with the suit.  So anyhow, I was chuffed that the lovely Melissa from Cork & Cheese knew enough to know that if she invited me, I’d probably come!

I have to say, that for a first, this was a very impressive event & if there are ever any to follow it’s going to be pretty hard to top, but start with French bubbles & I’ll take it from there.

The Publican Group own & manage several venues in our CBD & on this particular day our host, executive chef Telina Menzies took us for  lunch at The Aviary, an establishment which houses The Bird Cage Restaurant & roof top bar The Nest.  Needless to say, I had never been.  If you work in the city you probably have.  I can imagine the rooftop bar is a pretty hip place to take in a Veuve & a view on a hot Summer’s eve.

Here’s a little look at The Bird Cage…

The Lounge Bar which adjoins the restaurant offers it’s patrons more casual & elegant surrounds in which to enjoy the views & the company…



Head Chef, Luke Firth serves up some amazing flavours in his Asian fusion inspired offerings.  A group can dine on shared dishes, encouraged to try a little bit of everything & eliminating the dreaded ‘menu envy’ of many dining experiences & many of mine.

The sounds of Wild mushroom wantons, Pork & crab steamed dumplings, Poached coconut & lemongrass chicken, Green tea & smoked candied beetroot & Red roasted duck should be enough to entice but if you need a visual…





Executive Chef Telina Menzies – pardon the bins! We have the same shoes, which I probably should have worn…


It was a bit indulgent for this blogger & beyond what I was expecting, but not being one to complain I decided to just relax & take one for the team – you can thank me later.

Where: The Aviary Perth – Rooftop Bar & Restaurant  1/140 William Street

Have a great week!

The Aviary – Bird Cage Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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