the stables bar…

 It’s the same old city, but yet it’s not.  Perth has never been a place to flock to, never caused a ripple or a stir in the melting pot of ‘must see’ cities of the world & for a long time, I’m sorry to say – there weren’t too many great words used to describe it either.  Perth – it is the same old word but it’s not the same old place.  It’s changed, it’s busy & bustling & growing finally into the big brother of its former self.  True, it might not yet be a city worth flocking to, but if you’re already a part of the herd – you can be pretty happy that after a long dry summer, the grass is finally growing.

This is The Stables Bar, a new venue in our city CBD…


It’s a long laneway that blazes a trail to The Stables Bar & courtyard.  Turning in from the hectic lunch time stampede of Hay Street, you’ll be greeted with a calm landscaped oasis & surprisingly, for a city – space…



The downstairs bar is spacious, dark, stylish & rustic…


The serious business of lunch was taking place in the upstairs dining room, with which I am in love.  In fact, I’m in love with the complete fit-out of this venue.  Where the downstairs bar is dark & edgy, upstairs is bright, airy & classic, with views of the city from the outdoor garden terrace.  The references to the venues history as one of Perth’s original horse stables & residences fuels the imagination.  The old black & white canvas photographs lining the wall & the dark green studded bench seats complimented by lush green velvet chairs are all well thought out inclusions to this interior…


and then of course there’s my love of lights…



Of course you’ll want to know something of the food.  We shared a few items from their all day grazing menu – freshly shucked oysters, eggplant chips & zucchini, pea, mint croquettes with cardamon yoghurt.  For mains we tried chicken schnitzel, pan-fried ricotta gnocchi & a warm salad of beetroot, farro, goats curd & candied walnuts.  All thoroughly enjoyed.


Where:  The Stables Bar – 888 Hay Street – Perth

Any dirt to dish?  The lunch portion sizes if you’re a big burly male might not fill you up – so graze a little longer if you feel the need.

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