may madness…

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Hope all the mums out there had a beautiful Mothers Day.  May is a hectic month for my family, with 4 birthdays & Mothers Day in the first 2 weeks, but as of tomorrow it all slows down & the cake baking can take a rest!  But that’s tomorrow – first we have to get through today & today is my birthday – it’s a milestone one & although it’s crept up on me way too quickly, I’m trying to embrace it all the same because growing old is a privilege denied to many (thanks G) & growing older & having your health – more & more – these days seems like a reserve class gold ticket.  I’m thankful for so much in my life, it is full with a big family & beautiful friends.

   Thanks to my gorgeous family, all of you, for being so awesome & supportive.  To all the people who have been stopping by this little blog spot & taking the time to hit the ‘like’ button or for taking even more time to comment, I want to say a massive thanks to you because I know I don’t say it enough.  Your support is what keeps me blogging & keeps me photographing.

With that said I’m going to soak up every minute & memory of this day & remember it for as long as a geriatic can.  I’m off for my very first birthday cuddles with my little guys, who for some strange reason, have slept in this morning – thank you birthday Gods!

Have a great week! 



7 thoughts on “may madness…

  1. Denise! Happy birthday! I know for a fact that these “milestones” can hurt, but I recommend softening the blow with a champagne. Or twenty seven. It’s the only way through. Have a wonderful day x

  2. Happy Birthday Neesie!! Sounds like a good day so far. And remember, you’re still only a day older than you were yesterday!!


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