don’t be distracted… this is MKII

  Salon MKII is a very groovy little hair salon in North Perth (formerly Distracted of Leederville).  I meant to blog these snaps ages ago but for some reason didn’t get to it, so with the Angove Street Festival running this Sunday I figured it was a good time to have a little look at what’s new in the very old – North Perth.


I love the hint of exposed red brick they incorporated into the interior & this rather archaic looking hair dryer (which could in fact be new) is a feature all to its own & one which I’m assuming works, given it has its own power source – anyone game?


The little window cut out which looks through to the back room is gorgeous & really gives this little salon a homely feel…


It can be hard work sitting around in a hair salon – we’re busy people, working people, eternally time poor & reluctant to give up the hours it takes for a full head of foils, cut & blow dry but here at Salon MKII you can relax.  You’ll get wi-fi offered with a tea & coffee menu & why not – we deserve it!  Keep on working…


Salon MKII Hairdressing – 390 Fitzgerald Street – North Perth

I was at Salon MKII for Urban Walkabout Perth


5 thoughts on “don’t be distracted… this is MKII

  1. Mark Green and DJ Cappello are AWESOME hair cutters. And adorable… And fun… but most importantly, wonderful stylists, both skilled and professional.

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