jamie’s italian…

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this little tidbit, but I have a 7-yr old who loves Jamie Oliver & to be fair, I’ll have to admit to loving him too.  He’s brought hours of entertainment into our home both on screen & in the kitchen & it’s just astounding to me how one person can have such an impact & on so many people.  His stats alone on Instagram are nothing short of incredible, with somewhere close to 1 million followers, including little ole me & then of course there’s everything else.

Today’s blog post is a little homage to the man who has inspired so many & who, through his own drive, acumen, creativity, talent & talented team has amassed a bit of an empire, it would be fair to say!

Jamie’s Italian opened to a very low-key hum in Perth this week & quite by chance we landed there yesterday morning.  Our 7-yr old can take the credit because as we lazed around, rather sloth-like, it was he who suggested we head into the city for a walk – I kid you not.  I’m sure he had it all planned out!

Would you believe there was no queue?  Right at the point in time we arrived, there was no queue – what luck huh!  The staff were amazing & with their kind permission I was given carte blanche to snap away.

Here’s a little look at the new Jamie’s Italian, Perth…


lovely lights…


loved the tiling…


This graffiti on two of the interior walls is particularly outstanding.  Our very own local artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers can take all the credit for it too.  Job done…


simple table settings…


a healthy beverage selection…


and a kids menu to top all kids menus… that is the menu…


For all the foodie types wondering, the food was yum.  I’m happy to tell you that the Pasta Alla Norma & Sausage Pappardelle could not be faulted & nor could the service for that matter.  Get thee there & if you jag it, you won’t even have to queue, though probably you will!

Where: Jamie’s Italian Perth
140 William Street, Perth WA 6000

Jamie's Italian on Urbanspoon


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