sculptures by the sea for shore…

Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2013 is pretty impressive.  Did you know for instance, that there were 220 artist submissions from 19 countries?  Impressive.  In the end, of the final 70 selected, a third belong to our very own WA artists, a third from artists elsewhere in Australia & the final third consisting of international pieces. You can read all about the exhibition, the sculptures, artists & more over at the Sculpture by the Sea website & be sure to check out their image gallery for some great pictures by Clyde Yee & our very own local super snapper Jarrod Seng.

Running for its 9th year (I’ve been to maybe 4 from memory) I was pretty happy that I managed to load the car up with bodies both big & small & head down early last saturday morning for a little spot of my own photography.  I didn’t quite get around to all 70 sculptures but here are a look at some of my favourites.

sculpturesbythesea -130316-079
sculpturesbythesea -130316-069
sculpturesbythesea -130316-080

sculpturesbythesea -130316-167                                              Cave Urban, mengenang (memory)
sculpturesbythesea -130316-020                                                                  Imel Sierra Cabrera, pink penguins

sculpturesbythesea -130316-060

sculpturesbythesea -130316-063

sculpturesbythesea -130316-064                                             Chen Wenling, games
sculpturesbythesea -130316-026                                                                  Dion Hirstmans, moonfire #6 #7 #8

sculpturesbythesea -130316-097

sculpturesbythesea -130316-091

sculpturesbythesea -130316-105                                             Hilde A Danielsen, upside down 
sculpturesbythesea -130316-083                                              Foreground: Blaze Krstanoski, h2o manifested  Background: Sir Anthony Caro OM, eastern
sculpturesbythesea -130316-184

sculpturesbythesea -130316-186

sculpturesbythesea -130316-029                                                                  Ken Unsworth, look this way
sculpturesbythesea -130316-040                                             Sui Jianguo, dream stone
sculpturesbythesea -130316-111                                             Fiona Gavino, tolerance, change, difference
sculpturesbythesea -130316-132                                             Ruth Downes & Geoff Webster, casting around
sculpturesbythesea -130316-114
sculpturesbythesea -130316-116
                                                                   Lewis Horne, (cray) pot luck!

The exhibition finishes up this weekend (Sunday) so be sure you get down for a look before you have to wait another whole year for the pleasure!

Have a great weekend.

These images can be purchased.  Email me for details.


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