a big family snapshot…

   Photographing children can pose certain challenges – it’s not easy to get them to sit still or listen or even pretend they’re remotely enjoying themselves (it’s a boy thing) & I find I really have to remind myself that these children are not my own & therefore I should probably refrain from barking artistic orders at them – in public – and in front of their parents!  So it’s ironic then that all the challenges of a shoot like this are what make it so rewarding & the sense of satisfaction when the job is done is immense.

This particular family shoot consisted of 9 little angels, all very gorgeous & so handsome. Then just to mix things up we added some very cute Grandparents & smokin’ hot mummas & let’s just see how things turned out shall we…








and just as the sun was setting…




Thanks a million to this beautiful family for giving me the opportunity.

All snaps taken on location at Cottesloe Civic Gardens


3 thoughts on “a big family snapshot…

  1. the photos are gorgeous, a vision of happy families… if only time could stand still, and they remain the gorgeous children they are… mine are all grown up and scattered now, and the time goes so quickly when they’re little!!
    Congratulations on your happy family

  2. hi D – you are brilliant love it … love it….. love the sculptures by the sea ones as well. such a talent. sending love. hope you well. xxxx

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