endless summer…

It was made official at some point last week, that Australia has indeed suffered through it’s hottest Summer on record.  A ‘summer on steriods’, so the little weather boffins have said. Those of us who live in Perth know all too well how darn hot it gets here in Summer, so this isn’t particularly news to us but all the talk about it only getting worse, could certainly dampen ones spirits.

Still, if it weren’t for all that sunshine, wouldn’t we just miss all the glorious light – which by all accounts is very good for us just so long as we’re not cooking ourselves in it & what’s more, days like the one below, are what make it well worth our wilting…



The long hot daze of Summer will slowly peter out, the waves of 35 degree plus temperatures will cease & we’ll be left with warmth still radiating off our shores for weeks to come.

As an aside – as I type this, you won’t believe it, but it’s raining!

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “endless summer…

    • I know! Was watching the weather report this morning & there’s talk of another cyclone brewing off the coast there – poor QLD. I’ve been to Noosa twice – we had amazing weather there both times – beautiful beautiful place.

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