Alila Villas, sweet sweet music…

I’m hearing a lot of murmurs about this little gem of a resort in Bali & although Hubby & I are heading in that direction this July, we won’t quite be making it a stop on our itinerary, at least not this time – but of course there’s always next time!  Fancy a long weekend anyone?

It would appear Alila Villas, Uluwatu is rather the head turner & with images like these, it’s fairly plain to see why.  I might add that Conde Nast Traveller UK is in full agreement, so there you have it – pack your bags…






Uh huh…



Let’s just say you tire of these surrounds (possible) you could perhaps spilt your stay between Alila Uluwatu & Alila Soori, which just to be sure, looks a little like this…


That’s what I’m talking about! Who stays here? Of course during my research for this post I’ve also discovered Alila have a sister property in Ubud & I’m feeling like a little female mind change might be about to descend over my plans for our own pending Bali trip – I don’t know why I do it to myself!

All images courtesy of Alila Hotels


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