city of lights…

Friday night we headed into town to soak up some spectacular city views from Perth’s iconic Kings Park & to have a little look at Scattered Light.  Scattered Light is a feature of the Perth International Festival this year & is a light-bulb (in it’s most basic form, though it’s definitely much more than that) installation from renowned artist Jim Campbell.  Click the links to read all about it.  It’s pretty cool, free & you can see it until March 2nd.

I have to warn you – these snaps were taken in low light, without a tripod – so please excuse but it’s enough for you to get the idea…

Kings Park – doesn’t it just bring out the romantic in us all!

city of lights 01

The bulbs in Scattered Light start off in focus, but after a time, they appear to play tricks with your eyes & it’s really pretty hard to focus on them at all…

city of lights 06
city of lights 07
city of lights 05
city of lights 03
city of lights 04
until eventually I found it looked something a little like this…

city of lights 09
city of lights 10

Go & see it for yourself if you can – lights get turned on at 7.30pm.

Hope you’re having a great week.


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