a little family snapshot…

I always get seriously nervous when friends ask me to take family snapshots for them & although my first instinctive response is to scream NO then run & hide – that’s never usually how it turns out (but believe me I have tried!).  Family snapshots can be a real challenge but once nerves subside & I get on with the task, I find it’s a challenge full of rewards.

It was a pretty stinking hot Perth morning when we took these pics but I think everyone pulled up okay in the end – even poor Dad!  Thanks guys x

N&M 01
N&M 05
N&M 04
N&M 01
N&M 06
N&M 07
_MG_8946 B&W
N&M 08
N&M 12
N&M 09

Capturing a little girls first steps is also pretty special…

_MG_8981 B&W

All that flouncing around being a model is hard work.  I think one little girl in particular was pretty happy when it was all done…

N&M 14

Have a great weekend

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