school’s in…

You know that school started back this week I assume.  It was time really wasn’t it?  We had a great holiday but that last week was trying with tired kids & a tired mum, kids sick of each other & a mum sick of the kids.  It’s true.  Luckily it passes!

So for the first couple of days this week I was seeing lots of gorgeous sweet images on Facebook & blogs I follow of the kids all dressed in their uniforms, beaming smiles & glowing eyes.  New bags, lunchboxes, shoes & a fair few trimmed locks – adorable, touching images. You saw some too probably.

I thought I’d try the same with my own gorgeous, sweet, adorable & freshly shorn 7-yr old but I have to say – fool am I!  I got not a smile but a tear.  Not a tear for his aching little heart that would surely be missing his beautiful nurturing (poetic license) mother all day.  NO.  He gave me tears because I was making him have his photo taken.  Huh?

schools in 01

school's in 02

and then he turned on his heel & walked off…

schools in 03

This is why I take candid shots of my kids.  Never ask them to strike a pose, ever!

I can tell you that despite the sad face in these pics, he had the time of his life at school this week & that’s all that matters.  Oh & I missed him, like crazy.

Have a great weekend.


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