there’s a chef loose in the hoose…

I have a brother who is a bit of a chef & who has been living rather an amazing life in Canada for the past five years.  He’s back home at the moment & is somewhat of a celebrity amidst his tribe of merry nieces & nephews.  They totally adore him.  My gorgeous little 3-yr old niece sits & looks at him with her huge blue eyes like he’s the best thing she’s ever seen & talks to him non stop for what feels like forever, filling him in on all the things she can recall having happened to her in her little life thus far – I mean really, who knew?  She is quite the chatterbox on an ordinary day but it would seem his presence has propelled her to new heights!  It is too cute.  Everyone loves it when he’s back, young & old alike.

Having a chefy brother has its benefits as you might well imagine & it looks a little something like this…

porkbelly 01

porkbelly 02

porkbelly 03

scallop 01

prawns 01

I decided to light some candles for the table this particular night which was like a revelation to my 7-yr old.  He was spellbound.  He asked me why I had them on the table, so I told him that they give off a soft light, create ambiance & that it’s romantic.  I’m not sure where I went wrong but the very next day he told me that he thought the iPad was ‘romantic’!  In fairness he does love the iPad…

candlelight 02

candlelight 01

The chef & his apprentice got up to some serious business…

chefy moment 01

prawns 02

porkbelly 04

chefy moment 02

scallops 02

It was a crackling good time…

porkbelly 05

Note to self – do not stick camera so close to hot spitting oil in future…

scallops 03

chefy moment 03

chefy moment 04

I give you Roasted Porkbelly with scallops, prawns & coleslaw with balsamic gastrique…

chefy moment 05

It was delish & romantic!  Bon Appetit

chefy moment 06

Have a great day.


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