a stream of soda…

To continue on with the bubbles theme from my last post, let me tell you that for Christmas, I (ever the romantic) got my Hubby a sodastream.  That’s right – a DIY home drinks maker – romantic & practical.  We love it, so I thought that maybe I’d share the love, seeing as we happen to be the only people I actually know who have one.

Sodastream have been around forever. I remember when we were kids, the day mum & dad came home with one in tow, much to our delight & entertainment – rather the same way they used to come home with a new baby in tow every so often (they did have 6 of us) but the sodastream was much more fun! It was the one with the button on top & pull down handle, very cool & so retro now.  To my recollection we used all the flavours & there never seemed (though probably there was) to be any restrictions or limitations on how much we consumed & how often & certainly no mention of flavour syrups maybe not being the best thing for young kids to be ingesting on a regular basis – oh sweet ignorance.  I don’t recall what happened to it, probably in the end we just plain broke it – loved it to death I’m sure.

So I’m a little nostalgic about sodastream & was pretty excited to purchase what is undoubtedly the best looking unit on the sodastream market – the sodastream source.  Hubby has been using it daily to make soda water.  We haven’t used any flavours & we probably won’t, because let’s be honest – soft drink just isn’t that good for you is it & so why get the kids in the habit?  It should be noted however that you can make your own flavours if you’re that way inclined & recipes can be googled – ever so handy.

 Look at her, she’s lovely – stylish packaging…

sodastream source 01

sodastream source 02

sodastream souce 03

It’s the handiest thing to be able to make your own soda water & if you had to lug home as much of it as I did from the supermarket every week, believe me, you’d be equally as thrilled with it.  It’s convenient.  It’s a money saver, a time saver & I get to feel good about reducing our landfill contributions just a wee tad.

sodastream source 04

sodastream source 05

sodastream 07

Every starter kit comes with a gas bottle that once empty can be brought back to your local store for a replacement – it’s a cinch.

In fairness it may not have been the most romantic gift to give Hubby, but he’s pretty happy with his new toy all the same & it’s sexy right?

This is not a sponsored post – I just happen to like our sodastream & now consider myself a bit of an ‘expert’ – should there be anything you need to know, just ask & then I’ll ask Hubby, because after all,  he’s the one that uses it.

Have a great weekend.


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