bubble o bill…

The simple things in life are so often the best & although at times the seemingly unending task of entertaining kids can seem so thankless – it can be easy to forget that they too, keep us entertained just as much…

bubble o bill 01

bubble of bill 03

bubble o bill 04

buble o bill 05

and then there’s the sword fighting, ninjago devotee who won’t be left out, ever…

bubble o bill 06

bubble o bill 07

bubble of bill 08

I’m going to miss these school holidays.  With just one more week to go, it’s back to getting my mammoth morning ‘to do’ list done in under record time. Those indulgent long lazy mornings in which to mill around, are soon to fade along with our early morning sunrise & I’ll happily wait (like so many others) for their imminent return.

bubble o bill 09

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “bubble o bill…

  1. Lovely lovely pictures of childhood… I always used to regret the school holidays ending, we always had such fun together..
    And they never grow out of bubbles – we went on having bubble blowing competitions at ,y grand childrens Christmas party until my eldest grtandson was fourteen – still couldn’t resist the sheer fun…

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