Summer lovin’…

A little while back I was at the beach taking some pics of my 7-yr old when I got a little distracted by a group of friends having the best of fun together.  I couldn’t help but turn my lens on them & snap away.  They were joy…


Then my 7-yr old ran back into the frame & I realised that I’d almost forgotten he was there – oops!

summer lovin' 01

It wasn’t a particularly warm evening, but the friends were undeterred by the chill in the air & I was so impressed by their jest & energy & a little bit envious of it too!  There was no way I was getting anywhere near that water.

Unfortunately the email address I took from one of the girls didn’t work, so I can’t pass on the pics to them.  Bit of a shame.  Don’t suppose you recognise anyone??

Have a great weekend.


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