a dariole mould was he…

Dariole.  Isn’t that a cool word? It’s the perfect word for these little lovelies, which I had to purchase recently in order to make a recipe from 7-yr old’s mini cookbook collection – which no doubt you read all about over here.

Cheats chocolate fondant 01

This particular recipe is from Donna Hay Fast – Fresh – Simple & is her Cheat’s Chocolate Fondant (there’s a pic on the cover). Not something that I’ve ever attempted before but 7-yr old was pretty keen to give it a try.  It involved a fair amount of this…

Donna Hay 02

and of course the obligatory butter, flour, icing sugar, eggs & what got my attention, almond meal – delish…

Donna Hay 03

Donna Hay 05

If you’re afraid of the sight of melted butter being poured into a mixing bowl, look away now…

Donna Hay 06

Thing is, it should have been superb, but somewhere along the line something just didn’t feel right, and seeing as fondant is not a big hitter on my recipe repertoire, I just don’t know where we went wrong – perhaps not enough liquid?  Recipe was followed to a tee.

Chocolate melted just so…

Donna Hay 07

I had no issue with the mixing method…

Donna Hay 08

It just seemed a little bit stiff, sticky & chunky, certainly not cake mixture-ish if that’s what it was supposed to have been…

Donna Hay 09

Donna Hay 10

Still we persisted, they went into the oven & came out, looking exactly as they had going in…

Donna Hay 11

 I gave it a pretty lame attempt at tarting up…

Donna Hay 12

But the true test of any recipe is in the eating, & it did get eaten!  Though it really wasn’t right – not that the kids noticed mind you, so far as they were concerned it was heaven…

Donna Hay 12

Any suggestions? Do you know Donna Hay?  Maybe (if you do) you could just check with her & find out for me what we did wrong!!  I’d really like to use my very quaint little dariole moulds again, even though I ruined them in the dishwasher & now they’re kind of black.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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