and that’s Christmas for 2012…

Let me just start off by saying…

Christmas 2012


That this year, for some reason, there was plenty of the good bubbly floating around & as you may very well know, once you’ve had a taste of first class, it’s really pretty hard to head on back to economy – it was indulgent but so worth it!

We spent Christmas at my brother & sister-in-laws house & it was quite possibly one of the best Christmas Days ever – the perfect place to spend a stinking hot 40 degree Christmas Day.  If you’ve never experienced a HOT Christmas – don’t beat yourself up about it!

christmas 2012 03

christmas 2012 04

christmas 2012 05

How cute are the Santa cups?

christmas 2012 06

christmas 2012 07

christmas 2012 08

And the credit for the most amazing dessert that I’ve ever seen served anywhere, belongs fairly & squarely with my sister-in-law…

christmas 2012 09

it was amazing…

christmas 2012 10

You want some of that cheesecake now don’t you??

That’s a rap for 2012 folks. Happy New Years & thanks for stopping by, come again in 2013, please!!


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