finally the holidays…

The last week of school was hideous!  Does anyone agree?  I don’t recall it being that bad last year but I guess this year I had both the boys end of year festivities to contend with plus wrapping up my year of Class Rep duties in a haze of exhaustion & quiet frankly just a little bit of bad attitude on my part.  Hormones have much to answer for.  How did my mum manage with six?  Thankfully I’ve kinked the bad attitude for the time being & am ready to take on the 6 weeks of school holidays with a new gusto & zest to my step.  And did I mention our 4 yr old finished off last week with gastro – is there anything worse? Good Lord.

With last week being so busy I didn’t get time to post (of course you noticed), so here are a few snaps from around the house of late.

Lights.  Upon closer inspection it appeared that we had a major short-circuit which couldn’t be rectified, so our lights are half working & new ones are on the list for next year…

christmas 01

Our tree, although not real, is beautiful & it’s big & it takes some effort to put together but the boys were pretty helpful this year, so in actual fact, it was a breeze & they loved it.  Look how organised I was…

christmas 02

Little helping hands…

christmas 03

But when the little guy realised that the tree was way bigger than he, a regroup was in order…

christmas 04

and then of course comes the fun bit, all the decorations…

christmas 05

christmas 06

My favourites are the school made decorations that came home last week…

christmas 07

christmas 08

christmas 09

christmas 10

and let’s not forget the decoration I bought as a gift but kept…

christmas 11

and the one that I made, which gravity is having its way with, but still – you can tell what it is right?

christmas 12

Hope your Christmas festivities are in full swing.

note – we are still pending the arrival of our newest family member – any day now, any day.


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