showering at The Subi…

There’s one place in Perth that is the staple of good food, good service, great ambience, salubrious surrounds & which (despite a very recent & impressive onslaught of new uber cool digs of which to choose from) manages to keep itself relevant & on top of its game in an industry that surely is a pretty tough gig.

The Subiaco (Subi) Hotel is an oldie these days but it’s most definitely still a goldie.  I was there for a long lazy lunch with some of the ladies in the family on the weekend – a kind of baby shower without actually being a baby shower – probably it was more of a… ‘let’s just go the hell out to lunch before baby #3 is born & you’ll never be able to leave the house again’ lunch.  The best kind!


Baby, it would seem, is pretty comfy in there & certainly couldn’t complain about the food…

The Subi Hotel 03

The Subi Hotel 10

The Subi Hotel 04

The Subi Hotel 05

The Subi Hotel 06

The Subi Hotel 07

So civilised wouldn’t you say?

The Subi Hotel 08

The Subi Hotel 09

The Subi Hotel 11

The Subi Hotel 12

The Subi Hotel 13

and of course at the end of a long lazy lunch, one most certainly has to have oneself a little bit of heaven…

The Subi Hotel 14

NOTE: as this goes to press there is still no sign of the baby’s arrival.  All known old wives-tales to bring on labour are currently being employed – apart from the scrubbing of skirting boards.  Stay tuned.

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