Sunday morning with a twist…

Sunday morning 11.00am & my 7-yr old comes waltzing up to me with a very serious request.  ‘Can we make this today Mum?’  I give it due consideration before I come up with ‘NO’.

by denise rix

well then this?…

by denise rix

‘NO’.  Well what about this one?…

by denise rix

‘Sorry honey, all out of eggs & flour so you can give it a rest, it’s Sunday.’  To which the reply were tears.  I have the completion of his mini cookbook collection to thank for all this intense interest in cooking of late & all that mouth-watering photography doesn’t help.

by denise rix

He’s been taking the books to bed at night, I kid you not.  It’s pretty cute but to be honest I really was all out of eggs & flour on Sunday, so when the tears arrived followed promptly by mother guilt I managed to talk him around to something of a more savoury nature & this is what ensued…

by denise rix

by denise rix

Parmesan & Cheddar Cheese Twists

by denise rix

They were a hit, he got his hit & I got to use up the puff pastry that’s been in the freezer for a little too long…

by denise rix

by denise rix

Happy – no more tears & very firm instructions to add egg, flour & dark chocolate to this weeks grocery list – but of course.

If you’re interested in a recipe just google parmesan & cheddar cheese twists – there’s nothing to it!



9 thoughts on “Sunday morning with a twist…

    • Aw thanks Jolene – glad you like the pics. Lots of practice helps & also making sure I cook during the day so the light is always better! Now that our 7 yr old is so into cooking I’m getting more practice than I had bargained for!

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