festive friday…

I got a little festive a little early this year which isn’t like me really but on Wednesday this week I had to pop into the city to pick something up & was totally distracted by the gorgeous window display at the Oxfam store & so of course one just had to stop in for a completely time-wasting nosy around – but it’s Oxfam, so it’s okay.

My heart was taken with this little beauty…

by denise rix

by denise rix

by denise rix

It jingles (so festive).  I have a red star which also jingles & just as soon as it’s a little closer to December I’ll be hanging it right next to its new best friend.

by denise rix

Whilst at Oxfam I was also terribly distracted by these gorgeous baskets – hand made in Vietnam.  Why wouldn’t I take one home for $12!

by denise rix

  Have you started with the decorations yet or is mid November really too early?  The boys & I are on a mission to make something, not sure exactly what yet but be assured, it will either hang or be something for hanging things on!  We have thus far collected many sticks & twigs.  I’ll let you know how it pans out.

Have a great weekend.


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