it’s been one of those weeks…

On a sliding stress scale, I’d say this week’s been around about a 9.

It all started Monday morning when I took my mobile sim card into the store to have it clipped down to a micro sim to fit my new phone – as you do.  Somewhere between clipping the sim & retrieving it from my bag (where I thought I’d put it) to insert it into the phone, I lost it – it took me a total of – oh let’s see – probably 4 minutes & it was gone – nowhere to be seen – not on the floor, on the counter, on my person or in my belongings.  Gone.  To be fair, it is micro.

  Once home I phone Hubby to inform him about my very blonde moment but assure him that my recent elevated level of ‘ditziness’ is surely temporary & that the situation is in hand & I am heading out the door to sort out a replacement sim just as soon as our 4yr old finishes off his lunch.  Skip to child waiting at front door & frazzled home professional grabbing keys & bag.  The house phone rings & I think for a second, ‘don’t worry about answering it, it’s probably the bank’… but then I remember my current predicament & think it best to pick up, just in case.

It was Hubby & he bad news.  The school had been trying to reach me on my mobile (how does that even happen – that they need me the very moment my phone is OUT OF ORDER?) because my gorgeous little 7 yr old had injured himself.  A pretty substantial cut to his finger & he wasn’t coping well. Needless to say, myself & 4yr old got there pronto & found our poor little guy in a fairly heightened state of distress.

From there the story gets even longer, so to be kind to you let’s just say, there were tears, trauma, waiting rooms, x-rays, plastic surgeons giving worst case scenarios, fasting, more waiting, a cancelled surgery, more fasting, a long night on an armchair, jokes with nurses & camaraderie with parents  –  eventually an operation, best case scenario results & a short time later (24 hrs later), home sweet home.

He’s doing fine (thank you everyone) & I think he definitely grew up a little in that hospital.  At the end of the day our child had a cut finger, the other kids in our ward had much worse.  What I brought home with me, along with my child, was a little bit of their courage, endurance & most certainly their smiles.

A day which started out with a little bit of this…

quickly turned into all of this….

Finding his feet in the strange new place…

and have you ever tried explaining this word to a 7 yr old?…

and lots of waiting…

we even managed to find his little brother a new toy…

and with all the marvels of modern technology in a place like that, possibly it was this little beauty I was most grateful for…

We’re all on track for a full recovery (hopefully) & looking forward to the weekend with gusto!

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