pfefferminz? yes please…

If you don’t think I’m a little bit mad after todays blog post – I suppose you never will.  One for the ladies…

This time of year the afternoon light in my bathroom is amazing & so I wanted to take some photos in there (with my newly serviced & refreshed camera), but I wasn’t sure exactly what to take a snap off (oops I’m sorry, did I say snap off whilst talking about the bathroom – snap of ) certainly not the loo, or the sinks which are in need of a wipe or the floor which is in need of a vacuum, so I decided on some products.

I think it was my sister who said I should put this on my blog – so blame her!

I am a huge fan of the domestic conversations that we ladies are so prone to having. All that milling about at school drop off & pick ups is the prime time for such goings on.  Which cleaning products do you use, what’s for dinner again tonight, to stick-vac or not to stick -vac, how do you get ink & oil stains out of your kid’s school shirts, dirty neck stains from hubbies work shirts & blasted pen off the paint work?

Well this morning I’m going to share a couple of gems that I use in my bathroom, not for the beautifying of the room (I can cover that another day if there’s sufficient demand for it) but for beautifying oneself.

Firstly there’s this – my Malin + Goetz shampoo & conditioner all the way from New York!  I got mine at my local Mecca Cosmetica and find I love it.

by Denise Rix

Peppermint shampoo & cilantro (coriander) conditioner.  Malin & Goetz have a great ‘green’ philosophy, use all recyclable packaging, source natural & local ingredients wherever possible & refrain from filling up their products with nasty chemicals & parabens.

by denise rix

 Then there’s this… which ended up on my must have list after one of those great aforementioned conversations about rough heels & what to do about them.  The PedEgg did rate a mention but I went with The Body Shop instead.

by denise rix

Absolutely no excuse for unsightly ugly heels this summer ladies.  A little bit of a scrub & polish will do you a world of good.  You can read all about this lovely product here.

by denise rix

There you have it!  Product endorsements on a Friday & because someone is sure to ask – No, I did not get paid to write this post but should you or anyone else ever wish to pay me for such things, I’d have absolutely no problem with it, really!

Have a great weekend everyone & tweak those heels ladies, flip-flop wearing weather is upon us!

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