enter Bali…

We’re heading to Bali mid next year & I am very excited!  Hubby & I have not been away (sans kids) since the having of them – which by then will be 8 yrs ago.   As far as I’m concerned we never really had a ‘proper’ honeymoon, & certainly no babymoons – so I figure we owe ourselves a little trip.  It’s only proper wouldn’t you say?

There’s a problem.  I have been all over the internet looking up accommodation & I am completely overwhelmed by the sheer choice!  Villa?  Boutique Hotel? Swanky resort? Beach? Laneway? Poolbar – these are still popular surely?  I have been asking everyone what they think & thus far it’s been absolutely no help & I am more confused than ever!  I’m pinning some hope on  Little Miss Bali who run a great facebook page chock full of all things Bali – what a great idea!

There’s another problem.  Being born under the Taurus star sign, I tend to lean very heavily towards the absolutely sublime gorgeous-ness of all things very fancy & completely outrageously expensive… it’s a curse!  The reality of my situation is certainly a fair few rungs below what that Taurean heart of mine might desire & that’s just fine really, if I could just stop clicking on places like this one:

Should I continue? It’s just a tad too fancy isn’t it, but look at all that wood…

Well probably that’s just about enough of that!  You understand my problem (albeit minor) right?  Once upon a time I travelled to Bali when I was a Travel Consultant & well I think it would be fair to say that Bali has gone & changed a whole lot since I was there back in – oh let’s see – hummm – ’95.

I don’t need to make a decision on this until next year, but with so much choice, I’m really glad I’ve started looking a whole year in advance!  If you’ve been to Bali (Seminyak to be precise) & have any great tips on where to stay, I’d love to hear it – it might even make it onto my short list!  I’ll keep you posted.

October 12th 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the Bali terrorist attacks that killed 88 Australians & a further 114 people from across the world & left countless others with life long injuries & scars to remember that day by.  Today we remember all of those people.


10 thoughts on “enter Bali…

    • I don’t know the exact location – other than Seminyak…it’s called One Eleven Resort – click on one of the pics Nic & it’ll take you to the website -it is beautiful!

  1. Have you stalked the trip advisor Bali forum? There is a wealth of knowledge there. In particular a villa crawl report by one contributor which is continuously updated and full of info.

    Enjoy your trip. I had not been to Bali for almost 20 years then returned early 2011. Have enjoyed 6 return trips since then! With kids and without we love it.

  2. Hi everyone, I was lucky to stayed at One Eleven last month. It is the best place ever!! Its open since july or august only, but they running almost full occupancy -just nine villa tho… but that what makes its even more perfect, very private. The pictures you see are real, even better..but the service is something to talk about….Its right in Seminyak, 3min walk from eatery street, but yet really hidden and private. They don’t have sign outside the property just a little I II logo! I mean the whole concept is amazing…No words to describe…just go….

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for the positive comments of One Eleven, since we have also included a video on our website http://www.111resorts.com. Pictures can often lie but videos are as real as we get.

    And to Marcus, we are happy to hear that enjoy your stay. Please come back to us soon.

    Emma Neubronner
    Public Relations and Business Development – One Eleven

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