thank God it’s bloomin’ friday…

It’s official – officially school holidays in these here parts & seeing as I consider myself to have learnt a thing or two (or at least one thing)  – since blogging fairly consistently the past 9 months –  it’s that blogging & full-time entertainment of the kids just don’t go hand in hand for me!  They do so it seems, for the thousands or millions even of brilliant ‘mummy’ bloggers the world over… but not so much for me.  Hence these school holidays the blog is taking the back seat & the kids are hopping into the driver’s seat, well & truly.  Of course, I might take to my facebook page on the odd occasion, so if you want… you could head on over and hit LIKE & then you wont miss out on a thing – there’s a little link over to the right there – see it – black box.

There are these most gorgeous flowers all over the place at the moment.  My big kid keeps picking them for me – so cute.  I have no idea what they are, native or pest, but the colour of them, oh my God, amazing! Then throw in some daisies and some sunlight and well, they’re just bloomin’ lovely…

I’ve been having some very frustrating technical issues with the blog of late (in fact, precisely since baby MacBook came along – kids huh!) but I can’t seem to position my pics properly, get them sized or spaced properly (this post a prime example) or to do anything properly at all… grrr! What appears in the visual editor is not what appears in preview & it would be fair to say, it’s driving me a little bonkers.  Does anyone else have those problems??  Anyhow, fool was I to think I could go from being a Windows user all these years to being a Mac user without any system interruptions.  It’s off to the Apple store with me for some Apple tuition… I think my ‘intuitive’ cover has been blown!

Well, if you’re in school holiday mode or any holiday mode for that matter, enjoy & see you soon!


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