High Tea…..high jinx

There were some very definite High Tea high jinx going on last Saturday afternoon with a bunch of lovely school mums.  I’ve never actually been to High Tea, so I was pretty excited about finally heading out for the experience & given it was the most glorious Spring afternoon, it seemed just the ticket.  The venue was one of our fair cities finer establishments & so off we all trotted appropriately attired all a little giggly about being out & about, away from the kids & looking forward (I have to say) to the all-inclusive bubbly on the bill!  Can’t be helped.

My first choice of tea was a Moroccan Mint, followed straight up with a glass of bubbly & then another glass of bubbly & then, well one more bubbly… what?  I’m sure the tea was as delicate as the mint infused leaf that made it but I’m definite that the bubbly was pretty good!

One little grip about the sugar – it was lumpy…

Lumpy sugar meant that getting this next shot right was a little challenging & it did in fact take a fair few goes (probably due to having 2 glasses of bubbly already under my belt, plus contending with lumpy sugar dropping too fast off the spoon… hello), which also meant that the poor unsuspecting mum who got roped into photo assistant for the afternoon, ended up with about 3 teaspoons of sugar per cup!  Poor love, she was a great sport though & although wasn’t partaking in the bubbles herself, she left the day on a high all of her own!  Oh yes & in the end we resorted to using an empty cup & finally figured out that I needed something behind the sugar as a contrast… no comment.

Smoke salmon and lemon curd on wholemeal croute

Carrot Cake

Three tiered presentation

Garden pea soup with mint foam

and some more sweet treats… if you have a sucker of a sweet tooth what better way to placate it I say!

Would I go back?  To high tea, most definitely.  To the same venue?  Although  I took no issue with the service or the food (yum) & felt it was great value for money, I would have to say, probably not. The venue might have tried to do something about some atmosphere, as in, get some & just to be picky…  should not there be some dainty little pieces of fine china for this type of thing? It’s a good thing we girls know how to make our own fun!

Have you been to High Tea,  what did you think?

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