may be spring, or maybe it’s summers…

I know that my post on Friday was a little tongue-in-cheek about Spring and what not, but this weekend, Spring did indeed find itself sprung in Perth. With weather on Sunday up at 29 degrees, it was balmy & beautiful & certainly a little preview of the hot weather that invariably will hit our shores in the coming weeks & months.

I was overcome on Sunday morning with an insatiable urge to clean… a lot. I can’t tell you the last time I cleaned windows, scrubbed walls & skirts (well probably I could, but that’s a little pathetic), and so lets just say it’s been several months.

I went to such lengths as having hubby roll up our lounge room rug, cart it caveman style upstairs where he let it hang over the balcony and clubbed the life out of it – it sounds harsh, but it’s all the better for it today & some warm fresh air through its stale long shag has definitely invigorated it.

All of that skirting board scrubbing reminded me of something.  Note to expectant mothers: when trying to induce labour at the very late stages of your pregnancy, there is an old pregnancy wives’ tale which states that getting down on hands & knees and scrubbing skirting boards, or indeed squatting & scrubbing, is a sure-fire way to bring on your labour… THIS IS NOT AN OLD WIVES’ TAIL, THIS IS AN OLD HUSBANDS’ TAIL – devised purely by the male of the species for their own viewing pleasure.  It does not work.  Just thought it worth mentioning.

Here is what part of my house looked like right after the big clean. I find it interesting that the wide-angle lens adds about 3 metres in length to this space!  It stayed this way for the whole blissful hour that hubby had the kids at the park.

I have an Egyptian Papyrus which I picked up in Egypt (funnily enough) exactly 15 years ago.  It’s been rolled up & kept in a cardboard cylinder all that time, all that time! I finally got it framed & I am in love with it all over again.  Here it is, finally making its mark & basking in all that Egyptian golden glory.

Our cherry blossoms are a bloom, though not exactly on mass.

and the Jasmine that we had to replant after I put it in the completely wrong place last year, is practically singing at me.

Definitely a warm fussy feeling in the air this weekend.



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