Sonora says…everybody put your hands in the air

It would be completely accurate to say I like to dream a little, of foreign lands, drifting sands, distant shores…(enter some poignant quote right about now) and with all the fashionably late winter weather unloading itself on Perth the past few days, I think a little respite is the order of the day.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a brother working and living in Canada?  He’s been there now for the best part of 7 years and he has it all sussed!  Lives the kind of life you probably don’t want me going into too much detail about because sadly enough feelings of jealousy and envy,which are sure to be stirred,  just aren’t that pretty…his family get around this by mostly ignoring him and then scoffing at opportune moments over skype!  Let it be said, he is a happy individual, bless him and here’s part of the reason why….

Did you catch that?  That is a resort, in the wild.  Sonora Resort.  He works there, it’s his summer job…uh huh.  Pretty spectacular by all accounts.  Of course, the majority of us will just have to take his word for it, because it’s exclusive (on the far end of the sliding scale) &  luxurious, wilderness come fishing/hunting/gathering lodge and in all honesty it’s probably not really my thing…though it could be yours…with means.

Sonora is touted as a ‘eco adventure travel’ resort with a spa (this part I like), and if nature is your thing, you should be licking your lips.  Just look at that Orca, it looks almost happy – mind, it probably did just devour some poor unsuspecting house guest.  Or maybe this guy is more to your liking….

Generally I’m all for bear hugs and he looks pretty happy and well fed, Salmon no doubt, but I’ll pass all the same.

Not too shabby I suppose and whoever said Google HQ was the ducks nuts of employment obviously hasn’t heard about Sonora.  When I eventually go, I think I’ll opt for the Presidential Lodge for myself and guests…

and be escorted to, from and all around the island in one of these….

My brother does indeed live a good life but the downside….he was uncle to just one when he left and has missed 6 arrivals since…the upside, he wasn’t a chef before he left but he is now and believe me when I tell you, he gets entirely taken advantage of when he comes home!

Wishing you all a great weekend.

photos via Sonora Resort


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