bloomin’ friday…

Myself and 3yr old caught up with my Dad this morning for coffee, eggs on toast, babycinos and caramelo koalas, as you do.  My dad is a bit of a character.  He’s morphed over the years into something of a hippy and although ‘collecting’ stuff (lots of stuff) has always been a hobby (though some of us might disagree and say habit) of his, his most recent hobby of gardening is coming up trumps.  He’s taken a keen interest, with particular attention to native Australian plants and has collected and planted loads in the gardens where he lives.

After coffee this morning we stopped in at his place and I couldn’t leave without grabbing bits of shrubs and blooms to take home with me.  The aubergine vase is kicking itself with excitement over the daisies I’ve just given it and the place just looks so much more, more….bright.  Here have a look.

by denise rix

by denise rix

by denise rix

by denise rix

and I have a love for succulents, you just can’t kill them.

by denise rix

Have a great weekend!


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