Aubergine & Orange…

A little while back you may remember that I did a post about a prize I won from  I Like Birds a very retro new & vintage homewares store in Sydney (I was a tad excited)…well after months of keeping my eye on their Facebook page where they regularly update what’s in store, I finally spent my voucher!  And my purchase has arrived!  Want to see what I got?

Here it is..

by denise rix

…just kidding, it’s not the box… but do you think that maybe what’s in that box might be FRAGILE?

Can I just say, isn’t it so nice to get a package via snail mail? It was at my door when I got back yesterday morning and I was pretty excited.

This is what I got…

by denise rix

The cutest little aubergine glass vase and a tote.  Voucher well spent I think.  Thanks Tamara, it arrived safe and sound, I love it!  I haven’t yet worked out exactly where it’s going to be best appreciated in this house and no doubt it will be moved many many times, but for now it can hang out with something orange, aubergine and orange.

by denise rix

What do you think?


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