Friday musings…

The sun is shining so brightly today, and there is warmth in the air that hasn’t been there like this for months, which is great for getting down to freshening up bed linen and blankets and opening up windows to let out the cold air and in the warm…..but just to be clear, it’s still Winter right?  I really hope so, because I’m not anywhere near ready for the heat of our summer yet….it gets pretty stifling and it’s so long…I am assured there is rain coming.

Still, given the balmy weather and with friends in tow, a few of us plus exactly  2 x 3yr olds, 2 x 2yr olds, 1 x 1yr old and 1 x bub descended upon a poor unsuspecting coastal cafe this morning, to bask in some fine weather, fine caffeine and chit chat….chit chat that gets totally lost in translation when you’re trying to multitask the whole gang, keeping eyes on them all, lots of shushing and yes what is it and eat up and sit down and then way before you’ve even realised, you’re done eating, though can’t recall what it was you ate, you are sure you talked but aren’t sure what about – you drank your coffee but don’t know if it tasted any good and you’re packing kids and belongings up and heading back out the door, of course trying very hard to smile and shower thanks on the staff who you know are probably cursing you as they head over to clean up the mess you’ve all left behind (though in this particular sitting there were no spillages which is a pretty good innings all told). Oh where would we be without such places and each other.  It was such a nice way to spend the morning.

The Olympics finishes up this weekend.  We have been watching it heaps.  Eldest child in particular is taken with the whole thing and books have come home from the library, quiz books no less, which have served to prove that I know exactly nothing.  This is not good, because we don’t for obvious reasons ever want our children to know how little it is we really know, certainly not at such a young age…I am fast running out of any type of logical explanation for the tooth fairy.  Still, as great as its been I’m happy to see the end of the sports for a while, pretty sure my tolerance for lycra camel toes is coming to an end.  Sorry.

Hoping that you all have a great weekend and are perhaps basking in some sunshine all of your own.  Here is a great track to rock you into it.  I hope you all know how lucky you are.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Friday musings…

  1. So where are you? We’re in winter too, in NZ, i thought we were the only people in the world feeling cold at the moment, because its still warm in Australia I’m told by returning travellers.
    Enjoyed your post…enjoy your toddlers- they grow up so fast!

    • Hi Valerie

      In Perth! It does get hot here so the winter is always welcome – for me at least!
      Thanks for your comment – I now have to wake my toddler for school pickup – and he’s so sound asleep :(.
      Have a lovely weekend.

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