a wooden love story….

We went on a little day trip up to  the hills a couple of months ago and I took a pic of these twigs, which I just love – twigs!  I know.

by denise rix

by denise rix

I’ve had my eye on one of these driftwood hanging ‘things’ (technical) for ages, so on our recent trip downsouth I saw one and just had to bring it home.

by denise rix

by denise rix

I picked up these gorgeous wooden lamps at a bargain price recently and have just gotten shades for them.  I find I keep looking at it in the evenings….it must be love!  Look at that colour!

by denise rix

Why wouldn’t you love it.


3 thoughts on “a wooden love story….

    • Mary the pics of the twigs were taken in an old rickety shed in John Forrest National Park…the shed is also very quaint – there’s a picture of it over on my instagram link. There is a photographer, Leanne Cole in Melbourne who does some very interesting shots that you might like – she has a blog at leannecolephotography.com. Have a look.
      Denise x

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