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I wanted to ‘reblog’ this lovely post which is over at this morning.  hardtofind if you haven’t heard of it, is a great little online store started in 2008 by Eri and Trudi, selling all sorts of gorgeous and unique products and gifts sourced from the best Australian designers and more.  I can’t help but feel proud of these girls for taking the plunge into an online business and really making a success of it.

The post is on Bohemian style which is just so vibrant, eye-catching and fun.  Enjoy the read and the pics and have a great weekend.

Bohemian style’ by guest blogger, Hermit Homewares…

By On July 25, 2012 · Leave a Comment

With velvet and cane making a comeback on the trend radar, you might be starting to feel that bohemian vibe creeping in. So what characterises ‘boho’ style and how can you achieve this look?

Primarily, I think it is all about the layering of colours and textures. Combine various patterns in similar, warm hues to create an eclectic yet cohesive mix. Ruby reds, emerald greens and pinks work really well with natural wood and glints of gold and silver.

It is a celebration of all that is exotic and conjures up thoughts of distant countries and cultures. Ample soft furnishings that incorporate embroidery, patchwork and tassels. Candles and lanterns add to the ambiance.

Boho style creates an inviting, relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel instantly comfortable. You can go crazy with this style but I think these images are great examples of achieving this look without going overboard.

Not big on colour or florals? The last image illustrates how well boho can work using a neutral palette. It is a more pared back version of your standard boho look yet still celebrates an elaborate statement piece of furniture and exotic ornaments characteristic of this style.

Which Bohemian look do you prefer?


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