My very first recipe request…

I’ve received a recipe request!  Yes, that’s right, my very first…someone is so thrilled with my culinary skills and boundless ability to cook up  mouth watering feasts to rival the likes of the very best chef-ing wizz-bangs, that she’s put both feet forward and made the request……for….PLAYDOUGH…god-darn it.

Here it is sis, go crazy!

Uncooked Playdough

1cup plain flour – 1/2cup salt – 1 tablespoon oil – 1-2tablespoons of cream of tartar (don’t do what I did years ago when making this for the very first time, and buy Tartare sauce….it doesn’t work) – 1cup boiling water, with a few drops of food colouring added.

All you do is:

Mix all the dry ingredients together and add the oil, then quickly add the coloured boiling water and stir rapidly as the dough thickens.  Knead it on a clean dry surface until its lovely and smooth (the kids love doing this part) and add more flour if the dough is a little too sticky.

I don’t know which is sadder – the fact that my first recipe request was for playdough or that I actually took pictures of it last time I made it!

In future I’ll be sticking to recipes of the more edible type, promise!


4 thoughts on “My very first recipe request…

  1. Thanks Dee! Now are you sure we can’t eat this stuff? Seems a shame to follow a recipe for something I can’t eat!

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