enter at your own risk…

by denise rix

There has been another fatal shark attack off the coast of Western Australia this morning, a surfing spot frequented often by many people we know closely and three of them were there this morning, preparing to hit the surf themselves before being stopped and told of the horrid news.

The idea of being taken by such a fearsome creature is a terrifying thought,  more terrifying still, the thought of it being your loved one.  Something which once upon a time would never have been given a second thought, surely now must be foremost on the mind of any surfer and indeed swimmer entering our seas.  Five fatal attacks in 10 months is not a statistic to be ignored.

Come summer when it’s time to hit the beaches I’ll be splashing in the shallow shallows with the kids, afraid to let them venture to any depth at all and although he’d never admit it, i’ll bet Hubby will even think twice before heading out the back on his own, shark patrols and all.  Will our beaches ever be the same again?

My heart goes out to the poor surfer who lost his life this morning doing what he loved and to his poor family.  There are a lot of people in Perth today sending thoughts and sympathy out to you, and hoping beyond hope that the same never happens to them.

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