a little trip downsouth…

We took a short break last week to Dunsborough in the southwest of our state, a little holiday with the kids before the school holidays and a Christmas in July with extended family.  It’s always great to get down there, out of the city and the burbs for a while, take in the breathtaking views, fresh air and country life.

Christmas in July was my brothers brainchild and I have to commend him on the initiative because Christmas in December, more often than not these days, sees my family spread far and wide with other obligations.  It was a most pleasant way for us all to be together, be festive and share a huge Christmas meal with everyone chipping in to showcase some great cooking.  Winters setting, backlit by the glow of the pot belly and the warmth of the flames made for a very memorable trip.

I was hoping to do more photography on the trip but didn’t really seem to have time – it was a busy holiday and far too short!  It was cold, it was winter and it was beautiful.

by denise rix

by denise rix

by denise rix

by deniser rix

by denise rix

Of course there was the obligatory eating out that needs to be done when you go away.  I just had to take a pic of these prawns (which I don’t usually eat myself), but they looked so good, I almost did.  If you want them, head to Aravina Estate  to indulge.

by denise rix

And one for the kids.  My 3 yr old is so much more of a ‘cafe’ kid then my 6 yr old ever was, and he just can’t go without his hit of marshmallow.

by denise rix

These very delicious fruit mince pies were made with much love by my sister-in-law, she’s a very clever chicken and has converted me to team ‘fruit mince’, a Christmas in July miracle for sure.

by denise rix

A very Merry Christmas in July to all.

by denise rix

Whilst downsouth we stayed at Whalers Cove.  A great little spot in Winter and Summer and great for the kids too.

Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “a little trip downsouth…

  1. hey wheres the plug to Aravina for those delicious looking prawns and that superbly made babyccino… hmmm!? Great to see you guys by the way. Spag bol at my house next time. 😉 xx

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