Not Suitable For Children…

It’s been all over the entertainment news, a media junket almost impossible to miss and I’m excited not only because we get to lock in a sitter and head into the night, but because when your movie gets a mention from Margaret and David on At the Movies, it makes it all that more exciting really, wouldn’t you say?

Ordinarily I might not get so enthused over heading out to see a flick but in this instance I’m thoroughly prepared to make an exception.  It’s the Perth premier of Not Suitable For Children after all and well I might just get to see someone famous, or at least almost famous. True that is a tad shallow but the real reason I’m excited has only a bit to do with celeb spotting, a little bit more to do with choc-tops  and most certainly has everything to do with knowing the Director…well kind of, sort of,  knowing ‘of’ him then, more technically correct.

Peter Templeman is a local Perth boy who has won a fair swag of awards for his short films, in fact, thirty-eight major festival awards to date (according to some savvy googling I’ve been doing), and he has even been to the Oscars, and is likely I would say, to be there again at some point in time…taking me as his plus one….what?

Anyhow, it’s exciting when someone you know of makes a big feature film and you get to go along to the Premier, and are genuinely excited and proud of them, even though you don’t really know them, and are doing your darndest to ‘suck up’ because the realisation has just dawned on you that Directors cast actors and for certain there will come a time when this particular Director may cast the likes of say, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, maybe even Johnny Depp and they (the actors) shall finally get to meet me, (not knowing that meeting me was something they really wanted to do all along), and of course I’ll be obliging and clear my hectic ‘home mum’ schedule to accommodate things.

I’m getting ahead of myself slightly I know.  First things first.  Take a breathe, use full stops, and wake up.

Not Suitable For Children.  Go see it if you can.

Please note..this trailer may not be suitable for children.


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