when Nelson met Rose…

Something arrived in the mail for me yesterday and it made my day.   My very clever and utterly creative girlfriend sent me a set of her handmade cards which I’d forgotten I’d even ordered.  Also she only recently gave birth to her first baby, so I assumed that like all first time mothers she’d be in a heap of exhaustion, shitty nappies, aching nipples, dirty dishes, laundry dysfunction, delirium and near starvation, and had certainly not imagined she’d be keeping on top of making her gorgeous cards.  I’m afraid, as is often the case, I was wrong.  Maybe then it’s not the same for all first time mothers and my theorizing has been wrong all along.

Still I have to say that the effort it must have taken to get her card orders out is worth a very big mention on this here little blog of mine, and I’m going to give it my very best ‘Demtel’ impersonation.

Nelson & Rose was born in 2010 and is the brainchild of the very talented Mandy Edis.  Handmade in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria the cards come in a selection of very funky and limited retro fabrics, which makes them completely unique and therefore I believe, a bit of a collector’s item.

Pretty impressive huh?  And did I mention that you can request them in packs of 10, so that you don’t ever have to be caught out without a card again?  Well, you can and probably you should.  Head to the contact page on the Nelson & Rose website to place your order.

Nelson & Rose also make original full hide leather beanbags in a whole assortment of colours which are the ultimate in lounging pleasure.  Head on over to Nelson & Rose to check them out or visit Nelson & Rose on Facebook.

It’s so nice having clever friends.


5 thoughts on “when Nelson met Rose…

  1. Before the onslaught of the tourist season last year I ordered a few ‘Nelson and Rose’ leather bean bags for our luxury seaside apartments. What can i say except they are delightful.

    The quality is exceptional and many of our customers have commented on them or requested stockist information. Go have a look, i’m not sure whether the artist/designer throws in steak knives (i didn’t get any;) but what you will get is a nice talking piece for your lounge room and a few envious looks from your friends!

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