Don’t pull the rug out from under me…

This is something that I’ve been pondering for a while… it practical to place a rug under your dining table? Or is it something that people do purely for  aesthetics?  Brain strain.  I love the ‘idea’ of the dining table rug and have seen some great ones, but being ever practical, I can’t imagine it to be functional.

Do you have one?  Don’t the chairs just get snagged each and every time you push or pull them?  Surely they must.  It would drive me to rage I think if it did.  Also you see, I have small boys who pay little regard to what does and doesn’t stay on a plate, so wouldn’t a rug under a table just equate to even more cleaning?  The dreaded cleaning is out of control as it is.

The thing is you see, I think (despite all that) I do really want a rug under my dining table and that if I can just get myself over the chairs getting caught issue then I think it would actually be of benefit in this house.   There’s a lot of THINKING going on here.  Let’s just say I choose the right combination of colour and texture, then wouldn’t you agree that it might in fact be possible to reduce some cleaning? Hmmmm.  All those crumbs that I have to sweep 2-3 times daily could just be left to pile up, sight unseen on the rug.  I’d clean them eventually of course, but not having to look at them all day everyday would make for a nice change.

Or am I just kidding myself.

Still I’ve been having a little look around the web and found a few beauties for inspiration.  Also I might just add, I think I’ve finally worked out what on earth Pinterest is all about, and should probably pin these to a board about Dining Tables or something.

via Sadie & Dasie


via My Ideal Home

via Home & Interiors

via Home Designing

Have a great weekend!


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