a little Monaco magic…

I do have a soft spot for the south of France.  I do.  I spent a fair few months there in ’04 with hubby to be and we had one hell of a time.  When I say ’04 you’ll think that was ages ago, but it really feels like only yesterday, save for the 2 kids and 7 years since….wonder if I’ll be doing that thing that people do, when they’re ‘old’ and keep talking about everything like it happened only yesterday. Probably.

Well it seems like only yesterday that I was in Monaco (working) at the Grand Prix.  I never had an interest in such things as Formula One or racing of any kind until that day, but its been with me since.  All that speed and noise and crowds and grandeur and excess and Jenson Button  and well, Monaco.

The Grand Prix did indeed roll into Monaco again this week, and so I thought I’d take a look at one of the finer Grand Hotels that certain types of this world will be whooping it up at as I type.  If one day I happen to have the type of money that Monaco oozes (and you never know) then perhaps this is where I’ll shack up next time around, because for certain, there will be a next time.

The Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

And this will be me…..children will be off with the Nanny

all images via here


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