it was a kleenex moment for sure…

So if you’ve been following my blog of late, you’ll know by now that there were some birthdays going on over the past two weeks.  You might also be aware of the little birthday wish list I posted back here. That was meant as a bit of a joke which seemed to earn a good few chuckles, but at the end of the day the last laugh was on me.  You see there was really only one thing on that list that my heart of hearts truly desired (other than the luxe getaway), that being the most gorgeous piece of photographic equipment that I have been in desperate need of for way too long. To you it’s just the Canon EOS 600D (the D incase you are wondering does actually stand for Denise), but to me, it’s the very essence of who I am….sorry scratch that…to me it’s the camera that I have been in desperate need of for way too long….she’s a beauty….and please if you’re a professional photographer out there reading this…don’t burst my bubble, I’m not a professional photographer and therefore do not need a professional camera.  All she needs are some snazzy lenses and we’re away.

When I posted the ‘list’ on my blog my hubby told me straight up that I wouldn’t be getting the camera…’it’s not a milestone birthday love’…’we just can’t stretch things that far at the moment babe’…’you’ll have to wait till next year’, and so on and so forth….and each time I questioned him on my gift to make sure that he had it all sorted (because I’ll admit, I’m a stickler for the gift), he assured me he had and assured me it was not the camera….with each assurance came rage and I promptly called my sister to bitch incessantly to her about how crap it all was and how dare he etc etc, you get the idea.  Well my sister was ever so understanding and yes isn’t he mean and yes its all crap and you deserve and need that camera and tell him he can just get you the camera body and borrow my lenses….etc etc, all to no avail.

Then Friday before Mothers Day, I say…’have you sorted something out for Mothers Day’…and he replies..’why don’t I just give you your birthday present on Mothers Day’…and I say…’why don’t you just give me my Mothers Day present on Mothers Day and my birthday present on my birthday’…and promptly call my sister to tell her how crap it all is and how dare he etc etc, you get the idea!   Note to readers…I do realise that some of you are probably performing a character assignation of me right now, but bear with me.

So Mothers Day comes and goes and it was a beautiful day, and my kids spoilt me rotten and gave me a good old dose of Love and that’s what it’s all about.  I realised that my PJ + slippers and all the love are enough, and my birthday pressie hangups of the last 2 weeks washed away in a moment.  I no longer cared and realised that I never should have.

The morning of my birthday arrives and my kids are so excited again, two very special days in a row, and hubby has a card all sorted and although he might not know laundry or risotto, he knows how to do the card.  I read it and start crying, with the kids looking aghast and hubby with a very big grin on his face.  They say ‘close your eyes mummy’ and I do, and they place my birthday present on my lap….and as soon as I open my eyes I know what it is, and it’s the camera that my heart of hearts desired all along, and I cry some more and I can’t believe it.  She’s a beauty and so are they.

My hubby tells me that he and my sister have had it sorted ALL along, with all of my amazing family contributing…the whole big lot of them were in on it and not one of them let it slip, not once, in over 2 whole weeks of me carrying on and whining and being all birthday sad and pathetic.

Thank you to my gorgeous hubby, my boys and my amazing family.

And here are some pics I’ve taken around the house this week, which is all I was actually going to put on this post, but ended up getting carried away.


9 thoughts on “it was a kleenex moment for sure…

  1. I love that you got carried away because that was my fav blog of yours so far!! 🙂 And I really love that last photo, well done xx

  2. DK that is the coolest thing ever!!!! I was only thinking today how amazing your photography is. Darling, you seriously have a talent and it’s your passion. MMMmmm where can this lead??? xxx

  3. Aaaaaaaaah De, i can so relate! well kinda. From one taurean to another – patience was never one of our better virtues; how does that old saying go “God grant me patience – and give it to me now!” Pic’s are super dandy – only thing; i want a self portrait one of these days plzz x

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